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Growing up in Utah I liked to be outdoors and involve myself in everything from Mountain biking, Skiing, Windsurfing and Golf.  My mother influenced me at the age of 16 to take up Yoga and Pilates to become a better athlete.  I immediately noticed my body started to improve in function after one summer of training in these modalities and I have been hooked ever since and found my passion to teach.


Years later I became a Certified Pilates instructor in 1993 with Kim Lee and again with Romana Kryzanowska in 1997.  I then completed Yoga Teacher Training in 2011 with Richard Villella.


I created MatFit as a hybrid of these great traditions, incorporating my love of exercise and movement.   Whether you have 15 or 90 minutes theres is a MatFit exercise to shape and mold your body to perfection. 


My clientele includes people from all walks of life, ranging from the Performing Arts, A-List actors in Hollywood, Professional Sports and the Corporate world.  I enjoy improving people's lives through exercise and MatFit works anytime, anywhere, anyplace.


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